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About Our Company

LANStudios is a small web development company situated in Melbourne Australia. It comprises of a small, dedicated team of skilled and experienced designers and developers.


We are able to turn around projects extremely quickly allowing you to meet your tight deadlines. At LANStudios we share a belief in the importance of accessibility and web standards ensuring all projects are completed to the highest possible level.

Our awareness and understanding of the latest internet technologies and philosophies allows us to create attractive, professional bespoke websites that deliver a return on investment without compromising usability, accessibility and search engine optimisation.


The internet offers companies an alternative, yet effective, marketing and sales tool. It also provides numerous opportunities to use technology to improve service whilst reducing operational costs. Our developments provide cost-effective methods of using this channel and delivering a return on investment, whether the project is revenue generating or not.

Our Team

Jeremy Smith

Daniel Sturrock

Managing Director

Hi, I'm the lead programmer at LANStudios.

How it works

Step 1

LANStudios will consult you on what would be best for your current and future business situation.

Step 2

All possible ideas will be thought through, leaving us to make the final decision on what will be created.

Step 3

LANStudios will start work on the project, completing it by the due date in the signed contract.

Step 4

Your company will now enjoy using the new Digital Systems implemented.